Research Assistance Request

ICF encourages and promotes research activities that enhance the professional development and standards of the worldwide coaching community. To support the advancement of coaching ICF collaborates with individuals and organizations that adhere to the highest standards of research.

From time to time ICF provides assistance to practitioners, academics, and students by soliciting research participation from a panel of coaches who have agreed to consider assisting such efforts. Before submitting your request, please review ICF’s Research Policies.


Research Assistance Request

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) endeavors to assist students, academics and practitioners undertaking high-quality coaching research. In order to assess if ICF would be able to assist you, please complete this survey.


What question is your research trying to answer?
What is unique about your study?
What work are you building upon? Briefly describe your literature review for this study. (Please cite sources in APA format)
Are you a: (Select all that apply)
Is this research in partial fulfillment of a university degree?
Yes No
Please provide the degree being pursued and contact information for your faculty advisor
Please provide the name of your university
Has your study received approval from your university institutional review board (IRB)?
Yes No
Please provide a copy of your informed consent statement in PDF, DOC or DOCX format
only; MB max
Will ICF be able to disseminate your dissertation, thesis or project?
Yes No
How will you recruit participants?
How will you select participants?
How many participants do you plan to use for this study?
How do you plan to maintain participant confidentiality?
Is your study:
Describe the methods of analysis that will be used for this study
Will any third-party assessments be used as part of this research?
Yes No
Please list the third-party assessments to be used
Will any assessments you have developed be used as part of this research?
Yes No
Please provide a brief description of your personally developed assessments that will be used as part of this research
How do you plan for participants to take part in your research:
Please provide a copy of the interview guide, survey, or other research-gathering protocols you expect to use, in PDF, DOC or DOCX format
only; MB max
To which other studies will you compare your results?
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Will you share your data with the ICF?
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Thank You!

We will acknowledge receipt of your request within one week of submission. It may take up to eight weeks to approve or deny your request. Thank you for considering ICF as a research partner. We will be in touch if we need additional information.