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The art of thinking narratively: Implications for coaching psychology and practice

DB Drake Australian Psychologist 2007

This article looks at contributions from narrative psychology to coaching and, in doing so, demonstrates how to reflexively bring material from an existing literature into the coaching context and inform the emerging domain of coaching psychology. The first section looks at the self as performance, the nature of stories, and the process o...

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Story Matters: An Inquiry into the Role of Narrative in Coaching

M Vogel International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentori... 2012

This study explores how coaches understand the concept of narrative and work with it in their practice. Six coaches were interviewed using a method of narrative inquiry. The study found three broad approaches among their responses: story as the task of coaching; story as the content of coaching; and story in the context of coaching....

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Using attachment theory in coaching leaders: The search for a coherent narrative

DB Drake International Coaching Psychology Review 2009

Attachment theory is a well-established body of work in developmental psychology. In this article, I provide an overview of the key elements of the theory and demonstrate how it can be used in coaching leaders. In connecting the ‘working models’ they use as adults with the cognitive and interpersonal patterns they developed as children...

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The Challenge of Grassyhills: A Health Care Coaching Case Study and Four Responses

S Drinnan, D Drake, P O’Sullivan, T Hellwig International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2011

Is your organization working with a professional whose behavior and perceptions are negatively impacting the team? Do you have multiple professional cultures trying to collaborate where each holds different perceptions and behavioral expectations of themselves and others? What are the elements that come into play when you need to coach a ...

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