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Positive psychology: An introduction.

MEP Seligman, M Csikszentmihalyi American Psychologist 2000

A science of positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions promises to improve quality of life and prevent the pathologies that arise when life is barren and meaningless. The exclusive focus on pathology that has dominated so much of our discipline results in a model of the human being lacking the p...

Cites in Google Scholar: 15104
Finding Solutions to the Problem of Burnout

C Maslach Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research 2017

Whenever the topic of job burnout gets raised, the key question is often “What can we do about it?” Although many different ideas have been proposed about how to deal with burnout, few of them have ever been implemented or evaluated systematically. Furthermore, there is a bias toward fixing people, rather than fixing the job situation. Ho...

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