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Coaching as a Closely Held Enterprise: Interview with Christine McDougall

C Kellahan International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2005

This article is based on an interview that occurred early in 2005, between Christine McDougall and the interviewer, Cherie Kellahan. Cherie is one of Christine’s clients and was the head of Marketing for McDonalds Australia for many years. Her career change includes talk back radio. Christine agreed to be interviewed for several reasons. ...

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Coaching Research Project in Croatia: “The Role of Coaching in the Development of High Performance Individuals and Successful Business/Organization”

J Popadic, G Wallbridge International Journal of Coaching in Organizations 2009

The article brings an abridged version of the first coaching research project conducted in Croatia in 2008. The purpose of the research was to explore and gather more reliable information on the current ‘state of affairs’ on coaching in Croatia and countries across the region. Namely, the early stage of use of coaching and modest educatio...

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