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Executive coaching and REBT: Some comments from the field

JP Anderson Journal of rational-emotive and cognitive-behavior therapy 2002

Executive Coaching comprises personal counseling, business advice, and advice about managing for people who are in executive management. This involves a one-to-one helping relationship between coach and client. In each case for which executive coaching is sought, there are problems the client has encountered which requires changes in clie...

Cites in Google Scholar: 75
Rational coaching: A cognitive behavioural approach

S Palmer The Coaching Psychologist 2009

Rational Coaching is based on the Rational Emotive Behavioural Approach developed by Albert Ellis. It is suitable for personal/life, performance, executive and health coaching. This paper covers the basic theory and practice of Rational Coaching and includes the ABCDEF coaching framework for assessment and intervention.

Cites in Google Scholar: 12
Rational coaching with perfectionistic leaders to overcome avoidance of leadership responsibilities

V Ellam-Dyson, S Palmer The coaching psychologist 2010

Coaches and coaching psychologists may work with executive leaders who have issues with decision making, procrastination, stress, and feeling overworked. They may be avoiding making those important decisions, putting off tasks until deadlines are looming, not delegating work to lighten their workload, or continuing with tasks that make...

Cites in Google Scholar: 14
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Developing Senior Executives within a Coaching Psychology Framework

A Collins, S Palmer Coaching Psychology International 2011

This article explores the development of senior executives within a coaching psychology framework informed by psychological research, theory and practice. Also it highlights some of the issues surrounding coachees who may have a number of personal complex items that may need addressing in or outside of coaching

Cites in Google Scholar: 4
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