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Relationships between conscientiousness, self-efficacy, self-deception, and learning over time.

S Lee, H Klein Journal of Applied Psychology 2002

The present study examined the dual mediating effects of self-efficacy and self-deception on the relationship between conscientiousness and learning over time. Data from 134 college students were used to investigate the relative impact of self-efficacy and self-deception. Consistent with the hypothesized model, conscientiousness was signi...

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Self-deception in coaches: An issue in principle and a challenge for supervision.

T Bachkirova Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and P... 2015

This article describes an exploratory study aimed at investigating factors contributing to the phenomenon of self-deception in coaches. Six experienced coaching supervisors were interviewed in accordance with the Conceptual Encounter research methodology. The results are presented in a model of self-deception in coaches. The model consist...

Cites in Google Scholar: 37
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